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Intense high and low frequencies form an immeasurable, soft pressure around the horizon and we feel a dry wave cascade underfoot. In front of us a receding landscape: a force that threatens to consume all in its way if its two sides should ever meet. Instead, I wonder about indistinction, or other small victories of thought. ‘encounter / cascade’ is a work for quadraphonic electronics that plays with sensorial scales of time. The work is based on interviews and research in bioacoustics which point at newly discovered links between noise pollution, more-than-human communication and geomorphology. Here, sound is more than a force but a vital material pressure that is woven between lives, livelihoods and landscapes.

“encounter / cascade” was composed for the series “Swamps and Stars: on roots, rocks, and atmospheric energies” offered by the Planetary Listening group. It premiered on 22 September 2023, at Spore Initiative (Berlin, DE).