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Photo Credit: Juan Saez

... a symbiotic performance environment initiatied by Layton Lachman and Samuel Hertz with conspiritorial collaborators Ethan Allison Folk, Camila Malenchini, Caroline Neill Alexander, Arta de Mi (aka Dani Paiva de Miranda), Dan Immanuel Roth, emeka ene, Kalil Bat, Nagi Gianni and wro wrzesińska.

we are transported into skin-2-skin scenes of subsumptive cellular reproduction. One way or another, this archaic fundament will turn sexy. Proximal strangers become intimate and oddly attached in a roiling hole of sensualities. Come search the uneven grounds for unlikely merges and fusions of life; lives that we are accustomed to keeping separate. A complex, wild, and unexpected dance is conjured in the friction between wriggling bodies, which traverse a dense sonic and visual landscape, inviting contemplation on the interplay between individuality and the materiality of our interconnectedness.

our consortium attempts to disrupt notions of hierarchies of intelligences, anthropocentrism, and a static individualized sexual and reproductive identity. It offers an invitation into the ways in which our supposed individualized human livelihoods are already—and have been in the evolutionary epochs of the past—intertwined and symbiotic.

what sort of new worlds are created if we consider all systems of reproduction –parasitic, symbiotic, self-replicating, self-devouring systems, or AI–as forms of inter-kingdom collaboration, and as such, a beautiful story of horizontal genetic exchange, an long-lasting intimacy between strangers? This question offers a speculative ecofeminist look at an inter-species celebration, a queer cruise: a primordial, biological ooze which inevitably merges with everything it touches...

15 September, 2023: Bärenzwinger Gallery, Berlin (DE)
22 February, 2024: KuLe Gallery, Berlin (DE)